DBA Armies


I/19: Mitanni


II/05: Later Hoplite Greek

II/08 and II13: Southern Italians

II/09: Syracusans

II/11 and II/53: Ancient Celts

II/12: Alexandrian Macedonian

II/15: Alexandrian Imperial

II/16: Asiatic Early Successors

II/18: Macedonian Early Successors

II/19: Seleucids

II/20: Ptolemaic

II/27: Pyrrhic

II/31: Hellenistic Greek

II/32: Later Carthaginians

II/33: Polybian Romans

II/35: Later Macedonians

II/39: Ancient Spanish

II/40: Numidian & Early Moorish

II/48: Mithridatic

II/49: Marian Romans


III/19: Welsh

III/40: Viking

III43: Khurasanian

III/45: Pre-feudal Scots

III/46: Norse Irish

III/51: West Frankish and Normans

III/51: West Frankish or Normans (old)

III/71:  Anglo-Danish

III/77: Scots Isles and Highlands

IV/1: Komnenan Byzantines

IV/3: Anglo-Normans

IV/6: Syrian

  • HOTT Armies




Fantasy Celts

Fantasy Vikings

Fantasy Feudal Europeans

  • Other



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