I’ve finished this army and rebased it: this is a better post: rebased scots isles and highlands.

Scots Isles and Highlands Army

Scots Isles and Highlands Army

I’d planned to use the Vikings for the Islemen, but the Scots Thegns look so good I got some more and have mixed them in with some Scots axemen and spearmen.

Painted so far are:

6 x 4 Bd (Islemen, 1 = cmd)
I need a new photo of these figures

Highland rabble and skirmishers1 x 5 Wb (Highland rabble)

Highland Archers4 x 3Bw (Highland archers)
1 x 2Ps (Highland skirmishers)

Still to paint:

1 x 5Wb (Highland rabble)

I have enough figures painted to use this army if I use my alternative list.

  • Alternative Army List

1 x 4Bd (cmd)
5-11 x 4 Bd (Islemen)
0-2 x 3Bw (Highland Archers)
0-1 x 2Ps (Highland Skirmishers)
0-2 x 5Wb (Highland Rabble)
0-3 x 3Wb (Galwegians)
0-2 3x Ax (Irish Mercenaries)

If any Highlanders are used, at least 1 3Bw must be used. The biggest difference is that the number of Warbands are greatly increased, from 1 to up to 5. Also the Irish mercenaries provide some handy rough terrain troops.

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