The Completed Viking army

The Viking army

[Now rebased and almost flocked, so expect new photos of the army really soon.]

The Vikings are also Feudal Castings.  Once I paint an element of 3Bw this army will be complete. It has:

Viking Huscarls6 x 4Bd (Huscarls, 1 = cmd)
This is an old picture before they had their shields redone.

Viking Hird, Berserks and Archers6 x 4Bd (Hird)
1 x 3Bd (Freelance Raiders)
1 x 3Wb (Berserks)
1 x 2Ps (Archers)

These figures can be seen in the picture at the top of the page. There’s really too many Huscarls and not enough Hird, but the difference between them all is slight.

  • Alternative Army List

Using the DBM list does not really make much difference, except that I’d allow using the 3Wb and the  2Ps together. It makes no real difference, but the 3Bd could be used at the same time too.

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