Well, it’s nearly three months since the last post and I’ve not done much gaming in that time; I got a few games of DBA in August and one in September. I’ve just got back from Conquest and will put some pictures of that up soon. Otherwise my painting has consisted of correcting the Syracusan artillery piece and painting an element of Gallic headhunters.

The Syracusan artillery had been put together in a hurry, and I’d failed to notice that I’d glued the head of the ballista back to front. A helpful reader of this blog brought it to my attention and I eventually fixed it. No wonder it had been so ineffective in the two games I’d used it in!

The Syracusan engineers, after reading the manual, finally get their ballista working!

Watch out, Carthaginians; this will seriously inconvenience your elephants!

The back is now front; or is it the back is now back?

I got a number of packs of casualty figures from Freikorp, for casualty markers if I ever get to them in my painting plans. The Gauls had one too good to be a casualty marker, so I used my last naked CB Gaul, and kneeling CB Gaul I’d painted and never used and this fine fellow. I gave him a CB shield to help him blend in a bit more.

The two CB Gauls fit in well here, especially the kneeling one, who might look odd in most other stands.

The Roman's all there, even his sword and helmet (though his shield's missing.

This brings to five my headhunting elements: three 3Wb, one 3Cv and a 4Wb.

Next up, I plan to finish four elements of clothed Gauls. I’ve done their shields, and all but their clothes, so it shouldn’t take long.