HOTTThis a blog devoted to gaming. The main games I’m playing are Hordes of the Things (HOTT) and De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA). These are figure wargames that are played with figures, usually metal ones, on a board, usually a cloth, set with movable terrain. HOTT grew out of DBA and they both have the virtues of being quick to play and not needing many figures. I have maximized this by using 15mm figures, which are cheaper, easier to paint and require less room for a game and for storage.DBA

Another virtue of these rules is the ease with which one can add a strategic element by creating a campaign involving multiple players and allowing battles for strategic objectives. I’m planning a couple, but already the preparation of the Hesperia campaign has become an end in itself as I work on background information for the campaign world that goes far beyond what is required for a campaign.

I also play some games using the Song of Blades and Heroes system. These are skirmish rules using the combat m echanism of DBA and an elegantly simple system of figure advantages.

I also play a number of boardgames. In particular I’ve played Settlers of Catan on a weekly basis in the Department of Classics and Ancient History with a group of friends for nearly five years. I may offer unbiased reportage on the games as a service to the group.

Settlers of Catan

Other boardgames I have, but get less chance to play are Fury of Dracula (both editions), Britannia, Medieval and few others in the style of Settlers (so called German boardgames).


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Bryan Orsbourne Says:

    Hi Mark, Saw your post recently on TMP and followed thru to find your website/blog. You’ve got some great stuff on here and I’ve been reading through a lot of it!

    We have a small group of players who meet once a month on a Saturday out at Drury in South Auckland. We used to play (several years ago now) quite a bit of DBA but have since moved mainly on to Field of Glory in 15mm (as well as some of the Games Workshop games). I still have a couple of DBA armies in 15mm as do some of the others, although most have been converted into FOG armies.

    I’ve never played HOTT although I’ve always been interested in it (following on probably from my DBA days), but just recently have been following the blog of a chap in Christchurch who seems to be doing a bit of HOTT gaming. I didn’t think there would be anyone in Auckland interested in it.

    Anyway I don’t know if there is any scope for us to get together at anytime, but please feel free to get in touch if you would like to. Perhaps you may even consider coming along to one of our meetings for a look?

    Nice blog too, by the way!

    Kind regards,

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks. Yes, HOTT seems very strong in Christchurch. I’d be interested to get out to your meeting. I think the beauty of DBA/HOTT is the ability to have a number of games in the time it takes to play one game with bigger sets of rules. This allows for scenarios and campaigns.


  2. Mark bulahao Says:

    Interesting! I don’t know if we have those figure wargames in my country but it would be cool to try them.

  3. MartinSmith Says:

    Hi Mark. Have often seen your posts via Fanaticus- always nicely presented armies, and a large number of DBA armies completed- excellent stuff!
    Not sure if you’re a member of the Society of Ancients, but if you ARE, they’re looking for more people to submit games for the Championship, especially from outside of the UK. If you are a member, the link to the Championship is via the SoA home page. Any ancient or medieval game between two Society members (up to max. two per pair) can be eligible. Also, if/when you play at tournaments then games can go in the pot. If you’re NOT a member, then apologies.
    Cheers matey

  4. Martin Says:

    Hope you get back to gaming soon….a case of real life getting in the way of wargaming, I guess? We all get that one, I think.

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