I’m putting together some spare figures for sale. These figures are mostly unpainted, but a few have been prepped and one element is even finished. They are enough for the  Alexandrian Imperial (II/15) army, one with a lot of character. If you’re interested, email me on daviespm AT yahoo DOT com.

It consists of:

2x3Kn: Companion cavalrymen (Freikorp, 1=cmd)
1x2LH: Thracians or Skythians (Gladiator)
1xEl: Elephant (Freikorp)
1xArt: Bolt Shooter (Essex)
2x2Ps: Archers and slingers (Gladiator)
1x3Ax: Thracians (Gladiator)
6x4Pk: Phalangites (Gladiator)

For this I’m asking NZ$56.50 (I can supply MDF bases for an additional $3.50 and VVV transfers for the phalangites for an additional $1.50).

Freikorp's Alexander Personality figure

The Companion cavalry come with the Alexander personality figure. For the light horse you can choose either Thracians (HE06) or Skythians (HE41). I’ve just finished painting some of the Thracians and like the way they look.

The elephant is the Early Successor one that I painted a pair of last month. It’s a great model. I’ll throw in a spare archer to put on the base. The artillery is the same as I painted earlier this year, although it comes with only two crewmen. How the psiloi can look painted can be seen here. The Thracians are very nicely animated figures (one each of HE24, HE25 and HE26). I’ve not painted any yet myself, as I’ve not finished any early period armies.

The phalangites are all prepped; they have convex shields made from green stuff, are fitted with Xyston pikes and are undercoated. One element is painted; this element and enough for one more have pants, like some of the Seleucid phalangites. This makes them ideal for morphing, but also could be said to reflect some of the recruitment policies of Alexander in that period.

If you’re interested I could supply some of the figures to allow this to morph into the Alexandrian Macedonian army.

Last year I bought a number of figures for Hellenistic armies. I later settled on Freikorp for my armies and the Gladiator and Essex figures I got are surplus to requirements. I’ve packaged them up into four Hellenistic armies: Athenians (II/5b), Antigonos (II/16a), Ptolemaic (II/20c) and Later Macedonian (II/35). The figures are supplied with spears as needed, generally Xyston ones. Some of them have been prepped and one element is actually based. I can provide MDF bases and VVV transfers at cost, if desired. The figures are Gladiator from Black Hat unless specified. All prices are in New Zealand dollars. Examples of some of these figures painted are here (hoplites and light troops) and here (phalangites). Some of the phalangites are prepped. What this involves is shown here, though in addition to the shield I’ve glued on pikes for them.

Contact me at: daviespm (at) yahoo (dot) com

Postage to Australia for each army is $10.00, but if you’re buying more than one it should be less.

  • Athenians (II/5b) [SOLD]

9x4Sp (1=cmd) (36 figures)
1x3Cv (Essex)
1x2LH (Essex)
1x2Ps (2)
1x4Ax (4)

Price: NZ$32.50. Bases are $3.00 and transfers for the Hoplites and Peltasts are $4.00.

  • Ptolemaic (II/20c) [SOLD]

4x4Pk (16 figures, six are prepped, ten unprepped)
1xEl (Old Glory 15)
1x2LH (Essex)
2x3Kn (1=cmd) (Essex)
2x4Bd (8 figures)
3x4Ax (12 figures)
1x2Ps (2 figures)

Price: NZ$43.50. Bases are $3.00. Transfers for the 16 Pikemen are $1.50.

  • Antigonos (II/16a)

6x4Pk (1=cmd) (24 figures, four painted and based, 11 prepped and nine unprepped)
1x3Kn (Freikorp)
1xEl (Freikorp)
1x3Cv (Essex)
1x2LH (Gladiator)
2x2Ps (4 figures)

Price: $47.00. Bases are $3.00 (bases). Transfers for the 20 unpainted Pikemen are $2.00.

  • Later Macedonian (II/35)

6x6Pk (24 figures, ten are prepped and fourteen unprepped)
1x3Cv (cmd) (Essex)
1x2LH (Essex)
2x4Ax (8)
1x3Ax (3)
1x4Wb (Freikorp)
2x2Ps (4)

Price: NZ$37.50. Bases are $3.00 and transfers for the 24 Pikemen are $2.50.

I’ve gone through my lead pile and decided that these two DBA armies will never get painted. They are all figures from Outpost Wargames Services.

UPDATE: These have all now been sold.

The armies are Seljuk Turks (III/73b) and Syrians (IV/6).  The asking price for each is NZ$35 (US$25). Postage to the USA is NZ$14 (US$10), or NZ$18 (US$12.50) for them both. Postage to Australia for each is NZ$8. Payment by PayPal. If you’re interested, email me on daviespm AT yahoo DOT com.

I’ve also got a Ghaznavid War Elephant (CI14) that I’ll sell for US$2.50 (NZ$3.50). It would be a start towards morphing these armies into Ghaznavids.

The details of them are below (the numbers next to the figure codes are the number of individual figures).

  • Seljuk Turks

1x3Cv (cmd) [= 3xCIC1 (Ghulam Mounted Command)]

1x3Cv [= 3xCI2 Ghulam Heavy Cavalry (Nobles)]

8x2LH [= 2xCI4 (Turkomen Horse Archers), 6xCI3 (Turkomen Cavalry, Javelin / Bow), 4xCI4a (Turkomen Horse Archers) & 4xCAT3 (Light Cavalry)]

2x3Ax & 2x2Ps [= 8xCI6 (Seljuk Javelinmen)

2x3Bw [= 5xCAT2 (Infantry Archers) & 1xCI19 (Dailami bowmen)]

1xCF [= 4xCI7 (Islamic light archers)]

This is 22 mounted and 14 foot with 4 spares that can be used if you want archers for the 2Ps or for camp followers.

There is only enough 2LH for the minimum possible (another three would be possible, if you really wanted! If you get the Syrian army you could use two from them for an all mounted army (but with a 3Cv to keep the commander company).

  • Syrians

1x3Cv (cmd) [= 3xCIC2 (‘Saladin’ mounted command)]

3x3Cv [= 4xCI17 (Syrian Heavy cavalry), 1xCI2 (Ghulam Heavy Cavalry) & 4xCI1 (Islamic Elite Cavalry/Guard)]

4x2LH [= 4xCI8 (Bedouin Light Cavalry), 2xCI4 (Turkomen Horse Archers) & 2xCI3 (Turkomen Cavalry, Javelin / Bow)]

2x3Wb & 1x3Ax [= 5xCI18 (Dailami Javelinmen) & 4xCI10 (Arab Infantry Swordsmen)]

2x2Ps [= 2xCI7 (Islamic light archers) & 2xCI11 (Arab Infantry Archers)]

1x7Hd (7xCI12 (Civic Militia – Adath)

1xCF [= from spares: 1xCI10 (Arab Infantry Swordsmen), 2xCI7 (Islamic light archers) & 1xCI11 (Arab Infantry Archers) & 1xCI12 (Civic Militia – Adath)]

This is 20 mounted and 20 foot with 5 spare foot for camp followers.