Komnenans really finished this time

23 August, 2010

I’ve now flocked the Komnenans, and prepared their army page. I also got the Manichaeans (3Ax) done, so I only have one more element of 2Ps to do and an element of 4Sp (which I can’t see much use for!) to have all the options.

The Komnenans arrayed.

Rather than start on the feudals, I also did a couple of elements for some Hellenistic armies, an element of Hoplites and an element of Phalangites. These were test elements to see how they looked and how hard they were to paint. On both counts I was very pleased. The challenge with the hoplites was to avoid having their spears poke elements to their front and rear. I hope I’ve managed this by angling their spears down, as in a famous statuette.

Until I’ve done another element I can’t swear that this problem is solved, but it’s looking pretty good. The spears are Xyston ones, and I chose the purple shields on the basis that the tyrant Timoleon had a unit so equipped. I have to confess to being guided by what I think will look nice as much as what is accurate, so, for instance, I’d rather not do the backs of the shields red if that would draw too much attention to them. Similarly I’m not convinced that bronze shields look so good (particularly as a background to transfers), so I probably won’t do any like that. The Essex figures look very nice; I like the pose, and the mix of equipment. Their clear lines make them easy to paint.

Phalangites and Hoplites.

From the rear.

The hoplites will be for a Syracusan army, but will in time be able to morph into quite a number of armies. The phalangites are for a Later Macedonian army and I prepared these at the beginning of the year. They are Gladiator figures, and these are really more Seleucids with their trousers, but I’ll probably do a pair of elements of them anyhow. I have quite a few Gladiator phalangites, and some Hinchcliffe ones; I doubt I’ll ever paint the Hinchcliffe ones, but the Gladiator ones are OK.

One of the impetuses for painting these figures was that I’d placed a small order with Essex for some kite shields. I want to see what they’re like, as I thing the Khurasan shield is not the right shape for a transfer (and I’m much too lazy to paint shields by hand!). I took the opportunity of this order to get a few mounted elements to finish of the Hellenistic armies (as some of the figures I got from Mike Sanderson were unusable. I’ll try to get on to painting the feudals, but all those ancients are sorely tempting: the various Hellenistics and the Ancient Spanish in particular.

A recent purchase was a clip-on loupe that attaches to my glasses. I figured it would be more comfortable than the head-mounted one I have. I’m still getting used to the different depth of field of these, but they are lighter.

Not identical to what I've got, but close enough.

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