Unpainted Alexandrian Imperial (II/15) DBA army for sale

6 December, 2011

I’m putting together some spare figures for sale. These figures are mostly unpainted, but a few have been prepped and one element is even finished. They are enough for the  Alexandrian Imperial (II/15) army, one with a lot of character. If you’re interested, email me on daviespm AT yahoo DOT com.

It consists of:

2x3Kn: Companion cavalrymen (Freikorp, 1=cmd)
1x2LH: Thracians or Skythians (Gladiator)
1xEl: Elephant (Freikorp)
1xArt: Bolt Shooter (Essex)
2x2Ps: Archers and slingers (Gladiator)
1x3Ax: Thracians (Gladiator)
6x4Pk: Phalangites (Gladiator)

For this I’m asking NZ$56.50 (I can supply MDF bases for an additional $3.50 and VVV transfers for the phalangites for an additional $1.50).

Freikorp's Alexander Personality figure

The Companion cavalry come with the Alexander personality figure. For the light horse you can choose either Thracians (HE06) or Skythians (HE41). I’ve just finished painting some of the Thracians and like the way they look.

The elephant is the Early Successor one that I painted a pair of last month. It’s a great model. I’ll throw in a spare archer to put on the base. The artillery is the same as I painted earlier this year, although it comes with only two crewmen. How the psiloi can look painted can be seen here. The Thracians are very nicely animated figures (one each of HE24, HE25 and HE26). I’ve not painted any yet myself, as I’ve not finished any early period armies.

The phalangites are all prepped; they have convex shields made from green stuff, are fitted with Xyston pikes and are undercoated. One element is painted; this element and enough for one more have pants, like some of the Seleucid phalangites. This makes them ideal for morphing, but also could be said to reflect some of the recruitment policies of Alexander in that period.

If you’re interested I could supply some of the figures to allow this to morph into the Alexandrian Macedonian army.

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