Not much to report

28 January, 2011

It’s over a month since I posted and since then I’ve not played any DBA or done any painting. I’ve been out enjoying the summer, which is all good, and the sum total of my DBA has been my involvement in the Punic Peril campaign, where I’ve had a bit of luck (or quite a lot) with sieges. In Etruria I’ve held out for four seasons now, while in Akra Leuke, after a drubbing in spring, we risked another encounter and got lucky with the siege. I’m not sure how long my luck can last, but it’s fun while it does.

Otherwise, I’ve ordered some figures to round out my Hellenistic armies, for when I get to paint next. I also got a short board game, Empire,  by Philip Sabin from the Society of Ancients. It plays very quickly, but I’m thinking it might make for an interesting vehicle for a DBA campaign. I’ll need to give some thought to the interface between the two games.