Phalangite Shields

21 December, 2009

I got a number of phalangites from Mike Sanderson; some of these are Gladiator figures, and they’re not bad, except for their shields being flat. With the advice of members of Fanaticus, I have now been able to rectify this and it was so easy and the results looked so good I had to make a post of it:

The figure on the left is a Gladiator phalangite. Next to it is another one with green stuff on its shield to make it convex (not the two of them have different sized shields). Next to these are an Essex commander and a Minifigs phalangite (helpfully IDed by Fanaticus members).

What was involved was getting a small ball of green stuff and squashing it gently onto the shield so that it flattened evenly. This allowed me to leave a regular rim around the shield. Next I washed away any fingerprints with a wet finger and then gently flattened the bump somewhat with a plastic cup, which was the most convenient flat think I had. It had the merit of allowing me to see what I was doing as it was not opaque.

I’m now keen to paint these figures, whereas before making the shields seemed a chore that was putting me off. Making these shields, however, has been very quick and painless.

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