Syracusans can take the field

29 June, 2011

A possible Syracusan army

I’ve finally got the last batch of figures finished. It represents quite a haul for me. It’s so long since the last lot that I found the camera’s battery was flat!

Asiatic skirmishers, Later Thracians and Kappadokians.

First of all some more Seleucid figures are done. These are some Kappadokian 3Ax (Corvus Belli) and some Asiatic 2Ps (Freikorp). I also darkened the hide of the elephant, but forgot to photo it. In addition, I’ve done one element of Thracians (Frekorp) that the Later Macedonians could use instead of Illyrians.

Cretan archers and Rhodian slingers for the Marian Romans.

Then I rebased some of the Romans I won in auction last month. I changed their flesh tone to make them match my figures more closely. They are the two 2Ps elements the Marian Romans can field. I’ve tried to copy the shield patterns of the legionaries, but I’ve not quite got them the way I want; more practice needed!

Finally, I now have a Syracusan army that can take the field. If I went for no 3Cv I’ve got it all done. Or I can use some Carthaginians for the 3Cv. The 3Cv, and some 3Kn Xystophoroi, are my next project. They are prepped. The Army Page has been updated.

The Syracusan Hoplites.

The figures that I’ve completed are the 4Sp. These are Essex figures with Freikorp shields and Xyston spears. I like the way they look and I’ve got two more packs of these figures. I noticed that these newer ones have more definition on the faces, so would be good to paint.

The Syracusan artillery.

The other element is an Art. This is an Essex model. I didn’t realize I’d get two in a pack, so I’ve got quite a few now! I’m glad they had a photo of a painted model, as I was trying to put it together wrong! I’m hoping it will scare of enemy elephants!

Another angle.

The rest of the army, the auxilia, psiloi and warband, are all done; they are either generic Hellenistic elements or Gallic or Spanish mercenaries. After the 3Cv are done I’ll work on the Syracusan’s own camp (I’m awaiting figures from Donnington for it).


4 Responses to “Syracusans can take the field”

  1. Nice. Syracuse was the second army I ever did for DBA 1.0.
    I love your interpretation, especially including the Kappadokians and Thracians.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Syracusans have some interesting options and a lot of history. The Thracians and Kappadokians will move along my plan to field a Mithridatic army out of the Seleucids.

  2. Casa Says:

    Fine blog, go on with it in the same way … but I see a little mistake. The head of the Ballista from the Syracusan artillery is glue wrong , in this way the Arm cant move backward 😉

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks! So true! No wonder it didn’t work in its first game! Using superglue and working out how to glue it as I went I was in a bit of a hurry! I’ll have to correct that.

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