The Scots arrayed.

The Pre-feudal Scots are Feudal Castings figures. This is finally compete, as at last I’ve painted the  figures for the two mounted elements. For the last few years I’ve used figures from the Norman army. More recently, I’ve rebased most of them (a couple of foot command figures haven’t been done).

The figures are:

Mounted options.

1 x 3Cv (Cavalry, cmd) or 1x3Kn (knights, cmd)
1 x 2LH (Light Cavalry)

Scots spear.

8 x 3Sp (Spearmen, 1 = cmd is not shown)

Galwegians, Thegns and skirmishers.

3 x 3Wb (Galwegians, 1 = cmd is not shown)
1 x 4Wb (Thegns)
1 x 2Ps (Archers)
1 x 2Ps (Skirmishers)

The Thegns now do double duties as Blades in the Scots Isles and Highland army (where they and the skirmishers can be seen). Also until I finish painting one more 3Sp I use 1 x 3Sp from the Welsh army. The foot command elements are useful for minor allies.

The camp.

This army has been very successful in the battles it has fought. One of the Galwegians has been particularly devastating at times.

The army from a different angle.

I’ve also painted an extra element of 2LH and can use this army as a Pictish one.

Still unpainted are:

3 x 3Wb (Galwegians)

  • Alternative Army List

1 x 3Cv or 3Kn (cmd)
1 x 2LH (Cavalry)
1 x 4Wb (Thegns)
3-7 x 3Sp (Spearmen)
2 x 2Ps (Archers and Javelinmen)
0-3 x 3Wb (Galwegians)
0-3 x 4Bd (Islemen or Vikings)

This increases the number of warbands possible by one and adds the option of Islemen or Viking allies. The minimum of spearmen has dropped too.

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