The army arrayed with the options for the ‘b’ list.

The Seleucids are an army with a lot of character; they also have some very distinctive elements. I have all the elements for each variant of the army, though I’ve not added pictures for some of the options (they can be seen in the Mithridatic list and this post. It is mostly made from Freikorp, though the camelry and some of the light troops are Gladiator.

The army arrayed for the ‘c’ list.

The army divides into three main parts: the mounted troops, the heavy foot and the light foot, each of 4 elements, though each in different periods can get to 5 elements.

Two 3Kn: the Companions and the Agema (for lists ‘a’ and ‘b’).

The mounted has a solid core of two heavy charging cavalry, one of which is the commander. Up to 205BC these are 3Kn, the command element are Macedonian style Companions and the other element are the Agema, recruited from Medes. Next is an armoured elephant (optional only in the last phase) and a scythed chariot (optional in the ‘b’ list and not possible in the ‘d’ one. Generally these four elements are all the mounted the Seleucids have; they are shock troops and work well with the pike block. They aren’t that fast, but the scythed chariot can produce a dangerous burst of speed.

Two 4Kn: the cataphracts for the two later lists.

Terror weapons: scythed chariot and armoured elephant.

The ‘c’ list can take an extra mounted, either a 3Cv, which I assume are Galatian mercenaries (I’d use my Gauls), or 3Cm, Bedouins. These Bedouins, in conjunction with the elephant and the scythed chariot make the Seleucids the ultimate oddball army. They seem more useful than the cavalry, as they move as fast but have the same factors as Bw (2 v. foot, 4 v. mounted), making them very scary against cavalry and light horse (and the Seleucids have plenty of stuff to deal with foot already).

The three options for the ‘c’ list: Kappadokian or Thracian auxilia (here Illyrians), Bedouin camelry or cavalry (Galatian mercenaries).

The heavy, or GGo, foot consists of a block of pike (4x4Pk). Currently I’m using the pike for the Later Macedonian army. When painted, these will be two blocks, one of argyraspids (silver shields) and one of Asiatic pikemen with pants. In the last phase of the army (II/19d) they also have some imitation legionaries (1x4Bd) which I’m yet to paint.

Heavy foot: four pike (4Pk, Later Macedonians standing in).

The light, or BGo, foot consist of at least two psiloi; these are most likely Asiatic archers, but I have only bought Asiatic javelinmen. Until they’re painted, I’ll be using more generic Hellenistic figures, archers, slingers and javelinmen. The archers, at least, can be called Cretans, though they lack shields. Another psiloi is possible, but at the expense of a 4Ax or 4Wb. Usually the rest of the BGo troops will be a 4Wb, Galatian mercenaries, and a 3Ax or 4Ax. The 3Ax can be Thracian or Kappadokian hillmen. I have figures for both, but currently my only painted 3Ax are Illyrians for the Later Macedonians. I have thorakitai and thureophoi already painted for the 4Ax. Betwee 279 and 205BC, at the cost of the scythed chariot the Seleucids can have two auxilia, two psiloi and the warband. In the next period (204-167BC) any auxilia is at the expense of camelry or cavalry.

Light foot: Galatian mercenaries (4Wb), archers, slingers and javelinmen (2Ps provided by generic Hellenistic figures for now) and Thorakitai or Thureophoroi (4Ax) and Hillmen (3Ax, currently provided by Illyrians).

Unlike many other armies that have two 2Ps, the Seleucids do not have many foot for them to provide support to. Frequently I think they will act as slow 2LH; provided the elephants and knights can keep other mounted away, the 2Ps fight 2LH at even odds and can be deployed on the flanks to stop any mischief by enemy 2LH.

Finally, the camp:

The Seleucid camp.

The Seleucid camp.


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