Marian Romans with all the options.

To my mind this is the iconic Roman army (II/49). I guess the Early Imperial Roman with its lorica segmentata is the more stereotypical, but the army of Caesar and Pompey in chainmail and large oval shields is just cooler.

This army was one I bought ready painted, but it needed a fair bit of work to get it to a state that I could use. I will probably paint another army with the newer Freikorp figures.

The commander with two of his centurions.

The heart of the army is up to nine 4Bd. One of these is the option to have a foot general. This army has two types of shield pattern.

The four elements of the first pattern. Two shields painted by me.

The elements are given variety by interspersing centurions and signifers amongst them

The other four elements.

The auxiliary elements for this army could be pillaged from my Gauls, Spanish or Numidians, but I’ve used Hellenistics, as these were going spare, and they seem appropriate for an army about to face Mithridates.

The auxilary foot, slingers, archers and thureophoroi.

The mounted options are also from the Balkans, Illyrian light horse and Macedonian cavalry. The command element has the Julius Caesar personality figure and some other Roman figures.

Mounted options, Illyrians, command and Macedonians.

There is also a fairly generic camp to finish the army.

The camp with space for a garrison to one side.

This is a very solid army; it really only needs to fear knights; and its two psiloi gives it a fighting chance against them. However, I see it more as an opponent to my other armies!




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