The Southern Italians, sometimes called Oscans for convenience, cover a range of armies: Bruttians (II/9a), Campanians (II/9b), Apulians (II/9c) and Samnites (II/13). They are all Old Glory. Since I got these figures a long time ago DBA 3.0 has come out and the infantry is sometimes 3Ax or 4Ax, so the ability to field all these armies with the same figures has got harder. I now have the Campanians painted, and could do some more 3Ax to field Apulians or Bruttians, but I must confess this is not a priority. Getting their camp painted may also take a while! They have seen action as part of Pyrrhus’ army, and that may be their main use.

The Campanian army in all its glory.

I have painted all the cavalry, enough for the Apulians, but more useful for a BBDBA Pyrrhic army.

Oscan cavalry.

The cavalryman on the left is brandishing a tunic from somebody he has killed. It was part of a collection of banners I got from Freikorp. I can see I forgot to paint their beards!

Another angle.

And another

The Oscan warriors are a motley collection of different shield types, which makes for an interesting effect. Probably a purist would note that I’ve mixed Apulians and Oscans together. There is another figure brandishing his tunic trophy. Adding to the motley appearance is the fact that a quarter of the figures were painted in 2010 and have been rebased as 3Ax.

Oscan warriors.

Another angle.

And another.

The Campanian hoplites are an animated bunch, not keeping much of a phalanx. They have fought well, however, for the Carthaginians and for Pyrrhus.

Campanian hoplites.

Another angle.

And another.

The last part of the armies are some skirmishers; these were also painted back in 2010. Perhaps now they’ll see some action.

Oscan skirmishers.

Another angle.

And another.


2 Responses to “Southern Italians”

  1. TWR Says:

    Outstanding looking army Mark. I particularly like the figure variation.

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