These figures can be used for a number of Southern Italians armies: Bruttians (II/9a), Campanians (II/9b), Apulians (II/9c) and Samnites (II/13). They are all  Old Glory 15s. However, with DBA 3.0 there is a choice between 3Ax or 4Ax for most of them, which means it’s unlikely I’ll be able to field Samnites or any 4Ax. They are back on the painting table and could be done any time now (as at the end of 2016).

One third of the Campanians done.

So far I’ve done the light infantry for them (2x2Ps) and a single sample of the auxilia and the Campanian hoplites.

The Campanian samples.

Expect to see the hoplites first, and then the cavalry and enough 3Ax to field the Campanians.



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