The Normans and Anglo-Danish are Tabletop figures, now manufactured as Isarus in Scotland and Battleline in New Zealand.

The Anglo-Danish army.

The Anglo-Danish army.

Another angle.

Another angle.

The nucleus of these two armies was given to me by a friend, Craig, before he left for Brisbane. They were to have been the start of a Pre-feudal Scots DBM army, which is why the Anglo-Danish flag, is a St Andrew’s Cross. They sat in a cupboard for a good 5 years before I decided to use them for a DBA army.

They are fairly crude figures, but the real problem with them is the size of their horses—they are ponies next to every other manufacturers’ horses. After getting samples from a number of manufacturers, I decided to expand the figures I had into opposing Normans and Anglo-Danes. I got my order for this from Isaurus, only to discover after I got the figures that I could have got them locally from Battleline. and I could have bought them individually.

Normans, or Anglo-Normans.

Normans, or Anglo-Normans.

Another angle.

Another angle.

I got a few more figures from Battleline that allows them to be used as a pair of Anglo-Norman armies.

I’m working to replace the Normans, and eventually the Anglo-Danes with Feudal Castings or Essex figures that match my other armies of that period, but until then they proved useful, and until recently provided the bulk of most of my armies,

  • The Normans (old basing)

Norman Knights7 x 3Kn (Knights, 2 = cmd)
Norman Cavalry2 x 3Cv (Bretons (?))
1 x 2LH (Scouts)
Norman spearmen4 x 4Sp (Spearmen)
1 x 2Ps (Javelinmen)
Norman archers2 x 2Ps (Archers)
2 x 3Bw (Archers)
1 x 3Cb (Crossbowmen)

Also available, to allow the army to be used as Anglo-Normans, are some dismounted knights (now rebased):

Dismounted Knights

Dismounted Knights

These are Essex figures with a couple of Feudal Castings ones on one stand.

  • Anglo-Danish (old basing)

Anglo-Danish Huscarls3 x 4Bd (Huscarls, 1 = cmd)
Anglo-Danish Fyrd8 x 4Sp (Fyrd)
1 x 2Ps (Javelinmen)
1 x 2Ps (Archers)

2 Responses to “Normans and Anglo-Danish (old)”

  1. hrldplmr Says:

    That’s a good way of organising things. Although the horses are small, at least they fit on standard DBA bases!

  2. Mark Says:

    True, they’re not all bad, but knights on small horses against horse archers on bigger ones seems wrong.

    I’ll be posting some of the battles I’ve had with these armies soon.

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