The army arrayed in its two legions.

The Polybian Romans (II/33) are essential for my plan to get all the armies for a 2nd Punic War campaign. I eventually settled on Chariot as the range for these figures. They are attractive, though have terrible crud on the castings, which spoil some of their shields and faces, of which the Triarii are the worst.

An alternative army with a foot command.

There is no choice in the list for this army, but I’ve gone for an optional 4Bd commander and an extra ordinary 3Cv to replace the 3Cv general if this option is chosen.

I’ve gone for two colour schemes to distinguish the two legions. One has red shields and while tunics the other green shields and red tunics. Despite the probability that the shields had no patterns, I’ve gone for ones made by VVV (X3).

The mounted command and the skirmishers (velites).

The mounted and skirmishers if a foot commander is used.

The foot commander.

The red-shield legion.

The green-shield legion.

The element of legionaries shows how I’ll be doing the rest. Rather than differentiating between Hastati and Principes, I’ve mixed figures that have mail and figures that have pectorals on each base. I don’t think the Hastati were exclusively equipped with pectoral armed, nor the Principes with mail. Also at this scale I think the two are best seen as grouped in the same element, as it’s not as though one forms up Romans in two-deep lines of blades. I’ve decided to mix in figures with gladius and those still holding their pila for similar reasons.

The mounted commander.

This army also has its own camp with a priest checking that the sacred geese eat their grain auspiciously (I know they should be chickens):

Romans checking the omens with the sacred geese.

Romans checking the omens with the sacred geese.


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  1. petros karampatakis Says:

    its the army out of dba army box? or you have choose packs? they look nice.

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