All the Spaniards; all the figures painted to date, including those used by the Carthaginians.

This is the army for the Iberians, II/39(a). The other two subsets of this list have either different shields (Lusitanians) or clothes (Celtiberians), though at a pinch this army could pretty well be used for them, as the 3Ax could be used as Celtiberian 3Wb. They are all Corvus Belli figures, and a lot of fun to paint.

The army is a rough-going one, but likely to give its neighbours, the Carthaginians and the Gauls a hard time. The psiloi-supported auxilia are better against the Gallic warbands, and will make the Carthaginians shy of using elephants. They will probably find the Polybian Romans a tougher opponent.

I’ve painted a foot command, as the figures looked so nice; it may get used for a foot allied contingent in a campaign game. I’ve also done some spare 3Ax and 2Ps for use as mercenaries by the Carthaginians and Syracusans.

The foot command element.

The figures have a lot of detail of them, clearly following the Osprey book MAA180 Rome’s Enemies 4: Spanish Armies. this is clear in the figures I’ve used in the camp scene, which are modeled on the cover illustration, but also in the scabbards with a knife on the outside and the ornate pectorals.

The complete army: its camp, its mounted elements, Scutarii and skirmishers.

The army has no options; there are two mounted elements, a 3Cv general and an element of 2LH. There are six elements of Scutarii (3Ax) and four elements of foot skirmishers (Caetrati and Balearic slingers).

The cavalry.

The Scutarii.

The skirmishers, Caetrati and Balearic slingers.

And their camp, complete with sacrificing priestess and Spansih princess.


2 Responses to “Ancient Spanish”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Very nice figures, I like them a lot.

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