• Territories

William Rufus, having managed to avoid any hunting accidents, is King of England (his brother Henry is Duke of Normandy), although he controls only the south and the midlands of that realm. The provinces are London, Gloucester and Hertford, along with Warwick (or Chester). His ability to marshal the resources of his realm is hampered by the power and independence of his chief magnates.

  • Army

William is the only ruler in the isles to be able to muster an appreciable force of knights. This is supported by spearmen and archers raised from town militias and the fyrd.

  • Minor Allies

William can count on the support of Robert of Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury, who wants his help against the Welsh. He is opposed by Hugh d’Avranches, Earl of Northampton, chief of the Northern Marcher Lords. Otherwise, he maintains relations with Thorfinn Sigurdson, Jarl of Orkney.



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