• Territories

Turlough Mór O’Connor is the first High King of Ireland from west of the Shannon for many years. His base of power is Connaught and his influence extends into Leinster and Meath.

  • Army

Most of Turlough’s army are bonnachts, loose-order infantry (3Ax). They are supported by kerns (2Ps) and Ostmen (4Bd) from Waterford and Wexford

  • Minor Allies

Godred Crovan, King of Dublin, favours Turlough, while Gruffudd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd, is hostile towards him. Robert of Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury, is neutrally inclined towards his overtures.



2 Responses to “Turlough Mór O’Connor, High King of Ireland (Norse-Irish)”

  1. Bernard Conner Says:

    I am trying to find any tartan associated with the family of Turlough Mor O’Connor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Unfortunately, Bernard, I don’t think there is any such tartan. Tartans associated with clans and people was a creation of the Victorian period and on.

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