Minor allies are an untried idea of mine to add some extra interest to a DBA campaign. Each minor ally is equivalent to an allied contingent, providing 3 elements to the player that wins its support. However, I’ve yet to fully work out the mechanism for them. I mentioned the idea on the Fanaticus Forum a while ago: ‘Using minor allies for campaigns‘.

Some rough ideas for how they would work are:

  • What are the modifiers to control?

>friendship, and animosity or otherwise to enemy (?)

> resources used as a bribe

> success, or otherwise, and casualties in previous campaigns

> previous success or failure in asking for help (?)

> prestige of the leader asking

I think the basic roll for success must be 50%, and each factor modifies by one.

  • When is control rolled for (or contested)?

> before an invasion, when allies are solicited (?)

  • Obviously an ally can only fight once; who gets to try for support first, or is movement, and attempts to solicit, simultaneous.
  • Can you try for control of only friendly or neutral allies? Can you attempt to solicit unknown allies? Or mollify hostile ones?
  • Possibly make a diplomat a unit that can be exhausted/destroyed if the roll is bad and have to be rebuilt.



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