• Territories

Magnus Olafson ‘Barefoot’, King of Northumbria and Man, controls most of the old Danelaw. His capital is York, the northern province is Durham and the southern Lincoln. Recently he has acquired the Isle of Man, a base, he hopes, to restoring Norse hegemony in the lands around the Irish Sea.

  • Army

Magnus’ huscarls continue to fight on foot, but he also has a few knights in his household too, Otherwise the bulk of the army are spearmen raised from the fyrd. A very small number of archers is also available.

  • Minor Allies

After his father supported him when William attempted to bring him into line, Hugh d’Avranches, Earl of Northampton is now a firm ally of Magnus. By contrast, Godred Crovan, King of Dublin is hostile to Magnus’ ambitions in the region. Fergus, King of Galloway, is neutrally inclined towards Magnus.



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