• Territories

Gilledomman, King of the Isles, has capitalized on Norwegian weakness to gain control of the Western Isles. The centre of his power are these islands with his seat at Islay, and from there his influence extends into Argyll and Antrim.

  • Army

The core of his army are the close-fighting Islemen who fight in a Viking style. However, archers from Argyll and Irish mercenaries from Antrim provide valuable support.

  • Minor Allies

Gilledomman’s closest ally is Fergus, King of Galloway, who sees his support as valuable in keeping his independence from the Scots. By contrast, Thorfinn Sigurdson, Jarl of Orkney, sees him as a threat. He also maintains cordial relations with Gruffudd ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd.



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