• Territories

Angus, King of the Scots, has his base of power is the region of Fife; his provinces are Strathclyde and Lothian.

Unlike in the historical Kingdom of the Scots at this time there has not been an influx of English exiles nor Norman adventurers, so the kingdom remains more Gaelic in its culture. Part of this was a consequence of the Northumbrians soaking up these instead, and part of it was because the rise in power of the English was halted by Angus’ ancestor, the glorious king Macbeth who defeated Malcolm at Dunsinnan and chased his English backers out with him.

  • Army

The bulk of Angus’ army are spearmen; these are supported by cavalry, light and heavy, a warband of Thegns and some skirmishers.

I’m undecided whether to allow Angus to have Galwegian warbands when they are a hostile minor power.

  • Minor Allies

Thorfinn Sigurdson, Jarl of Orkney, sees Angus as a useful foil to Gilledomman and to the King of Norway. Fergus of Galloway is very hostile towards Angus, and Hugh d’Avranches is neutrally inclined towards him.


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