The only variation on the map in the DBA rules on p. 13 is that instead of one central province there are two, which are connect: Mercia and the Isle of Man. Mercia was adopted as the name for the first middle province at the suggestion of Swampster on TMP; thanks. The layout is rather stylized, as Durham is not really on the right coast to connect to Man , but it creates the correct map connections.



2 Responses to “The Map of King Magnus’ War”

  1. yorkie Says:

    looks nice to me, where you get the software from, i would like to make some maps, good job.


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, it’s actually made with a Wordprocessing program that I’ve found very stable and easy to use:

      Their 2008 version, which I used for this, is free at the moment. Making the map into a jpeg involves using the ‘print screen’ key on the keyboard in the top right corner and then editing the results; crude but effective. I turned the file into a pdf and rotated it in Adobe Reader before doing this.

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