5 April, 2018

I took the photos for this (and another of other posts) last year, and then never got around to posting it. Hopefully this will jump-start getting these posts done.

When I came to look at making a camp for my Mitanni army, I looked at my earlier camps that used two lots of 20x40mm strips with donkeys on them and realised I wasn’t using them (you can see them here). I decided to redo the two tents and the four lots of donkeys, along with two more tents, a few more camp followers and a lot of supplies to create four fairly generic ancient camps.

Four new camps.

The camps still have the angry ladies throwing amphorae on the ground and the slaves beating donkeys, but they also have a couple of hussies (courtesy of Old Glory) and some Egyptians (Essex). The camp supplies are from Baueda.

A Roman style tent.

A Hellenistic tent, with hussy (likely to have an amphora tossed at her.

An Eastern style tent, and a slightly less shameless hussy.

Another Eastern tent and some porters with Egyptian headdresses.


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