Spanish Mercenaries

10 October, 2016

The restored Spanish scutati (existing elements in the back).

The restored Spanish scutati (existing elements in the back).

I got a few more elements completed this weekend. I completed four elements of 4Ax, which will be used for Spanish Scutati serving in Carthaginian, Syracusan and Roman armies. This project also saw three elements of 3Ax being rebased for the Spanish army and around six caetrae being substituted for scuta to make them proper scutati.

Viking 4Bw (Feudal Castings figures).

Viking 4Bw (Feudal Castings figures).

I also have rebased some of my Viking 3Bw and Ps to 4Bw to comply with DBA 3.0; the 4Bw get a combat bonus when in side combat with their 4Bd, so this seemed worth the effort. Once the Gauls are done, only the Norse Irish of my armies will need any rebasing for DBA 3.0.

Four Spanish 4Ax for service in foreign armies.

Four Spanish 4Ax for service in foreign armies.

The mercenary 4Ax are a combination of figures from Corvus Belli, which are no longer manufactured, and Xyston. I am really pleased with how they mix and I’m looking forward to getting the Gallic Xyston figures done to see how they look similarly mixed.

From the side.

From the side.

These figures have rocks added, along with small bushes. I’ve done the same for the Numidians I finished earlier, so they are now properly finished. I needed to refresh my supply of kitty litter, as the remaining ‘stones’ were all too small.

From the other side.

From the other side.

I’ve been using a wet palette when I paint, and I find it very effective, though it does expose those paints that I should really bin and get new ones; in particular, my black has turned and should be replaced. Next up should be nine elements of Gallic 4Wb; and then three elements of Gallic Cv. But I’m pretty good at getting sidetracked!

10 Responses to “Spanish Mercenaries”

  1. Martin Smith Says:

    Nice work, and you take good photo’s too.
    The v3.0 rebase thing is a bit of a pain, but also an incentive to rework a few elements here n there. Certainly keeping a few of us on our toes over this side of the planet.
    Look forward to seeing your Gallic 4Wb.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. Photos are now done with my phone. I’m in too much of a hurry to retake all but the very worst of them!

  2. TWR Says:

    The figures look great. The phone takes excellent photos which highlights your painting skills.

  3. Doug Says:

    Very nice Mark. The shields have come up particularly well, it’s such a shame that CB are no longer casting their Ancients/Medieval ranges. If I can make an observation, it really adds to the figures if you can be bothered dabbing a flesh highlight on nose, chin and cheek. It’s not a lot of work, and really makes the faces stand out (and on these figures, the shield, helmet and face are the main features).

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, it’s a damn shame. You’re right about the faces. I think the flesh paint was a little watery; I kept having to touch up noses. Also in these photos the different flesh tones of the figures painted earlier is quite noticeable.

  4. Giles Allison Says:

    Those really are beautifully painted. Quite stunning given their size.

  5. They do look really good. It is a pitty that CB stopped making those, but the casting quality was not the best in the end. Did you get any miscast faces with your lot?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. Yes, some of them do; I noticed it more with the Gauls, but also with some of the Numidians, and the horses often had a lot of crud that needed to be cut off.

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