19 September, 2016

I delved into my lead pile and extracted some figures I bought a good while ago and finally put some paint on them. They had always been an army that shouldn’t have been too much trouble, as they are mostly light horse and psiloi, so few figures, and those not having a lot of variety to their clothes either.

The army was originally intended to be used in a Punic Wars campaign. It’s been finished with a view to being used as an ally to a Marian Roman army. Despite the Corvus Belli figures no longer being made, I am fortunate to be able to field the main options for the army, even with the changes to the list under DBA 3.0.

The Numidian army, all the options I have painted

The Numidian army, all the options I have painted

The heart of the army is its cavalry. I have gone for the Cv general over the LH one. the LH one is probably a better choice for the earlier versions of the army. Otherwise, the army is able to field up to 6 LH and an elephant.


The mounted elements.


The cavalry commander and the elephant.


Another side.


The famous Numidian light horse; you can see two of these were painted some time ago for the Carthaginian army.


Another view.

The rest of the army is now mostly psiloi; under DBA 2.2 these could have been 3Ax, which would be more useful. I’ve only painted the minimum of four Ps, though I have stacks left, as I’d anticipated basing some of them as 3Ax. What would be good, would be some of the CB Numidian Warriors III (CB408) to use as Imitation Legionaries or Roman-trained regular javelinmen. In their absence I’ll be using Freikorp Imitation Legionaries I’ve already painted.


The not so famous Numidian foot, now all psiloi or a couple of imitation legionaries (on loan from the Seleucids).

I’ve also done a camp using a Baueda hut and figures from Donningtons and Freikorp.



The camp.


Another angle.


From behind.

I’m not overwhelmed by the quality of the paintjob; I’m rusty and I was in a hurry to get them done. The wash was a bit rushed, which is something I’ll be more careful about in the future. I should add some stones and reeds to the bases at some stage too. I have started using a wet palate, which has made painting faster and easier.

I did two more elephants, so that I can field a BBDBA Marian Roman army with lots of elephants. I was surprised to realise the elephants were smaller than the Carthaginian one I used for the Numidian army, but it’s less noticable when they’re on the field.


More Numidian elephants for the Romans to use.


A blurry view of the other side.

One of them needed a bit of greenstuff to repair his trunk and tail! The moulding was a little poor overall; the feet of the two crew are a bit runty and the mahouts have no goads, which may be moulding or design. The javelins are ridiculously skinny and have broken already once. I’m not sure what their longevity will be.


Big elephant, little elephant. I replaced the shields on all of them to make them match the Corvus Belli figures more.


Side on. The left one is the Freikorp Carthaginian, the right is Numidian.


4 Responses to “Numidians”

  1. TWR Says:

    I think they look excellent Mark.

    I have recently started some additional Numidian light infantry to myself, to resolve the gap left my the change to Ps from 3Ax. They were a fun army to use before, the move to Ps will provide some further challenges I’m sure.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. The loss of 3Ax leaves the Ps very exposed to enemy Ax. The choice of two 4Bd or 4Ax over more LH is not straightforward.

  2. I think you did an excellent job on these. While the colour palette is reduced I think the shield designs really make them pop and you achieved a very naturalistic appearance.

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