6 August, 2016

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on this blog. Recently I was reminded that Conquest was coming up at the end of this year; Keith’s planning a new format with some BBDBA for the last day. It’s got me motivated to see what I could field if I were to attend. I don’t have enough figures for any army to be made up of 36 elements from one list. I’d need to field 24 elements from one list and take an ally. This precludes taking a successor army, which is a pity, as pike are better with solid wings, something they struggle to get in normal DBA. At this stage I’ve got a few armies I’m looking at:

The Republican army at Thapsus led by Scipio and Labienus and aided by their ally the Numidian Juba. I’m painting the Numidians now, and I’m looking at rebasing Spanish to make enough 4Ax. Otherwise, I’m pretty much able to field this army. I would look to get a few more elephants, though. I’m not normally a big fan of Roman armies, but the any that resisted the tyrant Caesar is OK, especially with honourable leaders such as Labienus and Cato the Younger.

Another army is a Mithridatic one with an Armenian ally. I’d need to paint a bit more to get this one ready. It’d have two solid wings of light horse and auxilia, a centre of blade or pike and enough knights to be a threat.

I could also put together a Syracusan army with a Carthaginian ally.

Anyway, along with getting these armies ready, I’m reluctantly planning to rebase my Gauls as 4Wb; I’m hoping I can get some rather nice looking Xyston Gallic foot nobles to mix in with the Corvus Belli ones to add some further presence to each element. I also have plenty of Gallic cavalry to look at painting. Perhaps they could be another BBDBA army!

8 Responses to “BBDBA”

  1. TWR Says:

    Some very interesting options there Mark. It will be interesting to see which option you settle on. I haven’t decided myself.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      I’ll get the Marian option ready first and see how enthusiastic I am to get any others ready as well.

      • TWR Says:

        This is one of the advantages of a civil wars and two standard DBA armies. You can firstly refight the civil war armies using standard DBA. Then on occasion you combine two standard DBA armies, add in an ally, providing a BBDBA army.

  2. Martin Smith Says:

    Plenty of choices there, Mark !! The BBDBA Syracuse+Cartage could produce some littoral fun 🙂 c
    Just like you said, when I’ve tried BBDBA I struggle to find 36 elements, as a dedicated DBA army collector.
    Good luck, whatever you choose.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      That’s an aspect I hadn’t considered. It’s also an army I’d not need to paint much for. I’d need a few more hoplites, but I want to paint some Campanians anyway.

      I’d hoped the Successors would provide an army, as I have enough to field opposing Successor armies, but their allies don’t help.

      I’m leaning towards the Thapsus Romans; I like the named leaders.

      • Martin Smith Says:

        ‘Liking the names of the leaders’ is as good a reason as any. Sounds like a great event, and if I wasn’t in the wrong hemisphere I’d pop along. 🙂
        One thought, when I mentioned the littoral option, I hadn’t looked at aggression levels. Syracuse and Carthage are both littoral, which is handy, but both may be too high aggression to get much chance of being defender/laying terrain……not sure.
        Have fun!


      • Mark Davies Says:

        Syracuse is Aggression 2, so not too terrible. At a pinch I could field a double Carthaginian army; the only hesitation is a purist one that their spearmen would be bolstered by some stand-ins.

    • TWR Says:

      My armies are limited for BBDBA also. I only really have a couple in the Classical period. Fortunately I decided early to paint a few extra phalangites. That said I still need to paint a few additional troops for basic DBA Asiatic Successors armies as well…

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