Pokeno Invitational

7 February, 2015

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. A few weeks back I had my first gaming of the year, a chance to catch up with Joel and John and to see Keith for the first time in a good long time. Keith has already posted about the day, which was really enjoyable. I lost most of my games and at the time complained of poor dice, but on reflection it was really poor planning — plans that depend on good PIP dice aren’t really plans, but endeavours in blind luck! Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and it was good to see armies out on the table that haven’t been used in a while. My Comnenan Byzantines were used twice, as were my Normans (as Early Crusaders). My Polybian Romans and Late Carthaginians were also used (oddly we had three games going simultaneously first with the Romans on one side each and then the Carthaginians). Pyrrhus’ army, Prefeudal Scots and Saxons completed the turnout.

After that day, John and I continued at my house with a game of Song of Blades and Heroes. It was a chance to use the Gnolls and some terrain. The fight at a bridge resulted in the Gnolls losing decisively against some Normans. The bridge was a bottle neck that probably favoured the superior firepower of the Normans, though the Gnolls did get to achieve a few consolation kills.

The gaming renewed my enthusiasm for painting, and I’ve got my four blocks of Successor 4Pk closer to completion, but other projects still manage to finish before them!

15 Responses to “Pokeno Invitational”

  1. Little Odo Says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. I am really liking your new fantasy figures – they are inspiring me to get some myself and get a few games of SoBH played.

  2. TWR Says:

    Mark, I enjoyed your observation that “plans that depend on good PIP dice aren’t really plans, but endeavours in blind luck! “.

    I intend to remind myself of this from time to time!

  3. Martin Says:

    Nice to see the blog up and running again, Mark…… At the DBA tournament (I assume v3?), what was the Saxon list that was used…..was it Early A/S, Middle A/S or Anglo-Danes? We have a tournament at Coventry, UK tomorrow, with a theme of ‘any army which may have fought in the English Midlands’. We tried a heap of different armies and options, including the Anglo-Danish with 4 x Horde as the Great Fyrd, which was fun and hard to defeat, but couldn’t stop the PF Scots 3Pk and struggled to get a kill anywhere. Intrugued to know which Saxons were used.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Hi Martin. It was the Middle Saxon list, though actually Anglo-Danish figures. 3Pk (or any pike) don’t like to be flanked, and that happened to mine.

      • Martin Says:

        Thanks Mark. Middle AS are not an easy army to take to a tournament! Brave man!
        ps yesterday at Coventry/Mercian saw two Norman, two SRBa (inc mine), two Feudal English, a EIR, aa Ancient Brit with Roman allies, a WotR and a Tamil with Hindu allies. The Ancient Brit did better than expected, and beat the Tamil with its 5 x El.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        They’re not a strong army, but he went for III/24b, which can be identical to the Anglo-Danes: a few blade, spear, and now the option of some hordes.

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