Rebased Normans, Anglo-Danish and Anglo-Normans

23 March, 2014



My first armies were Anglo-Danish and enough Normans to become along with some of the Anglo-Danish two Anglo-Norman armies. I got these rebased a few weeks ago and they really do look a lot better. You can see more pictures on their page on My Armies.

Morphable Normans.

Morphable Normans.

4 Responses to “Rebased Normans, Anglo-Danish and Anglo-Normans”

  1. Phil Says:

    Nice work once again, love the ‘camp’!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. That was my second attempt at a camp. I haven’t rebased the first one. You can see them in My Armies > Camps. The rebasing really lifted it.

  2. Martin Smith Says:

    Rebasing makes such a difference, doesn’t it? Brings the army up to whatever your current basing style is, and helps when swapping in other army’s elements to morph the basic force.
    On the subject of which – What was the ‘morphable’ reference in the photo caption alluding to, Mark? Do you use them as eg Bretons/Feudal French a list ?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      The Normans are used at a pinch for all manner of armies in that period, including Early Crusaders and Feudal French. I’m working on painting an Essex Norman army, which would have the option of Pilgrims to make them a little more like a Crusader army. It’s all prepped and undercoated, and the knights are all but done. It’s only the spear and bow that would need doing.

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