DBA in Auckland

19 January, 2014

  • Auckland City Guard
  • Last Sunday I caught up with Joel and John at the Auckland City Guard for some DBA. We used DBA 2.2. In the first game I got my Syracusans out against Joel’s new Carthaginians. It was a close game, but Joel pipped me 4-3. The second game we combined armies for a Big Battle DBA game: John and I led Gauls against Joel’s Marian Romans with Spanish allies. As defenders we deployed first. Our choice of open terrain in the centre with massed cavalry didn’t work. Our die-rolling was pretty shocking too – a humiliating defeat. The massed effect looked great, though, and attracted notice. I hope to get to that club regularly this year.

  • Painting
  • Those games inspired me to get my paints out again. I’ve got four camps that are nearly done out to finish, and seven stands of Successor  pike.

  • DBA 3.0
  • On Thursday Joel came over for a couple of games of DBA 3.0. He’s played that version a lot recently. I’ve not looked at it in ages. We tried my Seleucids (ll/19d) against his Marians for the Kn-Bd dynamics. It was close, as I lost my right wing to his cavalry. My general destroyed some legionaries, but I clinched the game by flanking his foot general with my imitation legionaries. The general had pursued beyond the support of a unit on his flank.

    I enjoyed the pursuing blades and pikes, though I wonder about blades against knights.

    The second game was my Prefeudal Scots against Joel’s Vikings. This was fun as the Scots now have Fast Pike. It was a game I lost on the flanks, as my light horse failed to sack the camp. However, I’m inspired to paint a Wb general for this army pike-supported double-ranked Wb could be very nasty,  though a LH and a Ps for the wings is a bit light!

    I liked the fast pike designation for the Scots. I’m keen to rebase my Welsh now. The 1066 period has become interesting again. Overall, I liked the way DBA 3.0 played.

  • SBH
  • While searching out the figures for my Wb general, I got out some Normans for a SBH warband. These are Essex foot and Khurasan mounted. The painting table is getting crowded!

    P.S. my 200th post!

    6 Responses to “DBA in Auckland”

    1. TWR Says:

      Good to hear that the 1066 figures will be dusted off. Fast pike are an interesting troop type. My Japanese ashigaru are now classed fast pike as well. I look forward to reading of more encounters.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Yes, they’re not necessarily easier to use, but seem a better fit. Sp v. Bd is more interesting with 3.0 too.

    2. Phil Says:

      This site has to be the best of all related DBA websites!! and wargaming in general as well.

      congrats on a fantastic work/web site,


      • Mark Davies Says:

        Thanks very much. It’s been pretty moribund for the last two years. I hope to post more regularly this year.

        • Phil Says:

          I know what you mean Mark, I have the same issue with my blog I’m far to busy painting my DBA armies I drop off posting also forget to add on army notes to my painted miniatures/armies. you will see what I’m talking ;o) at my blog…anyway all the best..

          I will stay in touch with your work here,


        • Mark Davies Says:

          Actually, I used to find blogging helped me finish projects so I could post about them. I was overseas for a while and I stopped following a lot of blogs when I got a tablet. Blogger was a bit glitchy a while back on some of the Android browsers. I’ll have to get organized to read other blogs again.

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