Misadvised on artillery construction!

6 November, 2011

As I prepare to glue the pikemen perched on the back of the two successor elephants I’m painting, I looked at some printed pictures of painted figures that I use as guides. These are often from the manufacturer’s websites. I was surprised to see that the artillery I’d put together back to front was a result of copying the picture on the Essex website! Now I don’t feel like such a wally, but who’d have thought they’d get it wrong!

The elephants and their crew are almost done, as are four elements of Gallic 3Wb that were started around this time last year and were restarted back in July when I stopped doing any painting for a while. When the elephants are done, I’ll be able to field just about any successor army, though I need to do more pike if I want to pair them off against each other. These pike have also been undercoated and waiting painting since July! The Gauls will allow me to field a Gallic, a Syracusan and a Carthaginian army with their Wb options at the same time.

6 Responses to “Misadvised on artillery construction!”

  1. Prufrock Says:

    Aaargh! I’ve done the same thing with my own Essex artillery! Have to get the hobby knife out 🙂 Thanks for posting it…


  2. TWR Says:

    One could be mistaken to think you have had some recent inspiration to complete some painting. That and perhaps managing to find some free time of course 🙂

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