Syracusan cavalry

27 July, 2011

The mounted arm of the glorious Syracusan tyranny!

I’ve finally finished the fighting units of the Syracusan army (II/9). It took a little longer, as I was waiting for an order of transfers. The transfers on these figures are new ones from VVV, and I like them.

Shielded Greek cavalry.

The two elements are Freikorp figures, Greek cavalry (HG17) and a personality figure, Seleucus (HG26). Seleucus is based on a coin where he’s wearing a hide-covered helmet and a skin for a cloak. The skin should be that of a lion, I think, but for my general I went for a wolf skin. However, the grey doesn’t look so effective. I may have to redo it.

From another angle.

The Syracusans are now ready to be fielded, though they are promised a camp of their own at some stage. I’ve updated their army page.

From behind.

I’m keen to try this army out. It’s quite a strong one, though I reckon it could use another 2Ps to support the phalanx. I’ll be interested to see how the artillery works against elephants.

Syracusans drawn up with a 3Cv general.

Next up I’m working on four elements of Gallic 3Wb. These were half done at the end of last year. They’ll allow me to field the Gauls, Syracusans and Carthaginians simultaneously. I’m also working on seven elements of 4Pk. These are the Seleucid pike and some pike to allow me to field Antigonus as a pike general or have two armies of six 4Pk oppose each other.  After that, I should do the extra elephant elements for these armies.

8 Responses to “Syracusan cavalry”

  1. TWR Says:

    The army looks great Mark.

    I’ve didn’t have much success with Syracusan’s when I used them at Tagcon in 2009. Though to be fair they were an assembly of mercenary troops from other Hoplite armies and not native Syracusan. That and perhaps I lacked the required experience at the time. I also think the competition used fixed terrain.

    Overall however I think they have a good mix of troops. Especially being able to field 2xCv and 1xLh. The catapult is particularly useful as an option. The single stand of Gauls looks of limited value, though now knowing how useful Wb are in difficult going I think it I would try this option. I didn’t at the time.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Experience may be a big part of it, and they didn’t feel sufficiently Syracusan, though as far as being mercenary goes, I think the Syracusan tyrants depended on mercenaries.

      The Wb is good for keeping Bd out of the BGo. I’ve not used artillery before, so I expect I’ll have a bit of learning to do.

      • TWR Says:

        I use the DBM/DBMM lists as a useful guide for troop types. The DBA lists can be a little vague at times. The DBMM lists allows Syracuse 12-26 mercenary hoplites and 12-20 citizen hoplites who are of lower quality. I’ve yet to finally determine which of my hoplites are of lower quality.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Good point. I’ve not made that decision either; I guess I want the phalanx to be able to morph. I’ll have to watch and see which ones fight better.

  2. Nick Sutton Says:

    Nice work Mark. Really helps inspire one to get into some painting of one’s own …


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Nick. Remember, magic wash is your friend. It makes a huge difference to the finish of my figures.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Nice work Mark. I’ve been reading Robin Lane Fox’s ‘The Classical World’, which gives them a chapter.

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