Hopla hoopla

19 June, 2011

Hopla all done. The rest is easy!

I’ve got the shields painted for my hoplites. The transfers were very easy to do. It was easier putting them onto shields that were already attached to the figures than to get the orientation correct afterwards.

As with the two elements that I’ve already done, I’ve gone for a certain amount of regularity: only a few shield colours and only two shield patterns per element. The shields represent the most creative part of the painting process; the rest is pretty mechanical, so it feels like I’m over halfway with them now.

When they’re done, I’ll only need to do two 3Cv, one of which will be a general, to be able to field a Syracusan army. I’ll need to paint an Art to have all the options. I already have the 3Wb (Gauls), 3Ax (Spanish) or 4Ax (Thureophoroi), 2LH (Tarantines), and 2Ps (archers, slingers or javelinmen). The two 3Cv would also allow me to field a number of Later Hoplite armies.

2 Responses to “Hopla hoopla”

  1. Prufrock Says:

    Looking good, Mark! Whose transfers are those you’ve used, just out of interest? I need to get some myself…


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, those are VVV transfers. I use them for everything now. For these hopla I got the mixed selections. For the phalangites I’ve sued their Successor star patterns and after I’d finished the Carthaginians, curse them, they now have some Carthaginian ones. They have a discount for SoA members and deliver very quickly. I don’t much like the green colour, but the others are all good.

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