Painting Progress

15 June, 2011

It’s over two months since I posted on here. I’ve not had much opportunity to do any painting, and this Sunday was the first time in ages I did any. I decided I really wanted to see my hoplites completed, so I got to work that night hacking off shields, which involved removing glued-on spears, and cleaning up the Freikorp ones. Monday night I attached the shields using green stuff and last night I glued the spears back on and undercoated the new parts. They are now ready to paint!

Essex hoplites with Freikorp shields. The from left stick is a command element. In the background are some Seleucid light troops that have languished for two months!

The green-stuff part was the least pleasant, as it doesn’t set for a few hours, and I couldn’t tell how strongly attached the shields are (I still don’t really know). Gluing the shields went very easily, as they slotted back into the spot they had previously. Can’t wait to get these guys painted, as along with the two I’ve done, I’ll have eight 4Sp and need only a couple of cavalry to have a complete army (Syracusan or any number of later hoplite armies!).

6 Responses to “Painting Progress”

  1. TWR Says:

    I look forward to reading of progress as the Greeks form their armies. Every city needs an army after all…

    Just be careful taking them to competitions, unless themed 🙂

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Baby steps first. I’d need to do twice as many hoplites to have a pair of opposing armies, and I’m yet to do a second block of phalangites.

      Spear may be better in DBA 3.0, no QK by elephants, though still pretty useless against blade,

      • TWR Says:

        Elephants, what are these things?

        No civilised Greek need worry about such things. Indeed, your Greeks should do nicely in the service of Syracuse facing Rome or Carthage or perhaps even in the service of Cyrene or a resurgent Athens against the Successors.

        I have not heard much of what DBA 3.0 may or may not have. My hoplites have been trampled too often. Clearly I need to watch developments…

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Speculation is rife on the Fanaticus forum. I don’t have the time to get worked up.

        The Syracusans did OK for me in the 2nd Punic War day last November. Spear are often underrated. I’m keen to model quite a few other hoplite armies–in time.

  2. TWR Says:

    I have seen much comment on Fanaticus regardin DBA 3.0 but have not actually bothered reading it in any depth to be honest. There seemed a lot of comment but as nothing is decided it seemed of little value. I am however looking forward to seeing what DBA 3.0 adds or changes, but unlike some I’m not too concerned about it.

    As to the Spear troop type I find them a hard to use, especially when an army consists mostly of them. However, these armies are very enjoyable in period.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      I’m tempted to take a hoplite army to Conquest. I see their biggest challenge against blade, and to a lesser degree pike, but I reckon they can handle most other armies OK. I really want an army with a hoplite general, but they tend to have too few supporting troops. At this stage it’s looking like either Syracusan or Theban.

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