Seleucus v. Lysimachus

6 April, 2011

Joel got around for the first time this year, and he brought his Lysimachids. I opted for the Seleucids, and decided to take the ‘b’ list as it’s only 2 years out from being a historical opponent to Lysimachus. Indeed, this could be a battle from the final campaign of Seleucus against his old comrade and some-time ally Lysimachus. Seleucus was the aggressor, which was not a good thing (we rolled 3 times before we didn’t get a tie). Lysimachus wisely went for BGo for his Thracians. Seleucus got the edge he wanted, more or less, but it was a crowded field.

Initial deployment; Seleucus faces Lysimachus between two steep hills.

Seleucus' force with the Galatians and psiloi hidden behind a tree.

In the initial moves the Thracians swarmed over the hill on Seleucus’ left flank, while the rest of the army waited. Seleucus eventual decided to attack in the centre, even though he couldn’t really support his left flank. He did this partly to pull off one of the Thracian 3Ax, which would be brought off the BGo into the open. The SCh did this and recoiled the 3Ax into the BGo. In the centre he pushed back the central pike block, giving 5-5 odds to the one on the left, which also pushed back Lysimachus’ other block, but the elephant 3-3 against spear got a stick.

The wily Thessalian then turned the flank of the Seleucid pikes with his companion cavalry. All went to plan. The front rank of pike were recoiled into the rear element which in turn fell to Lysimachus. On the other flank the elephant at 2-4 rolled a 1 and was doubled. Seleucus was now 3 down. However, the SCh won and recoiled the Thracians into their companions.

Seleucus lost his bottle with only one PIP, which he used to send the SCh into Lysimachus. This was evens (we took it as a stick, but of course it was goodbye chariot!).

On the final turn Lysimachus flanked the Seleucid Thorakitai and it was all over (actually, had we realized the SCh was gone, it would have been worse—that combat was another stick!—but Lysimachus would have been free to attack another rear-rank pike element.)

  • Review

I had a challenge once Joel got to set terrain, but it was a mistake to attack the way I did. I was wanting to create room for the SCh, but I could have waited and attacked on the right flank, trying to get the Thracians on the hill with the Galatians and a psiloi. However, patience is something I’m yet to learn!

It was great to finally get to see Joel again and see his new Lysimachids, which are not a bad army against other successors, particularly if they can set the terrain, but even otherwise, all those auxilia largely neutralize the elephant and scythed chariot.

I tried a reserve, partly because the terrain made the front so narrow, but the deep base of the SCh was something I’d not quite bargained on!

4 Responses to “Seleucus v. Lysimachus”

  1. TWR Says:

    Sounds like an interesting game. Lysimachus seems to be resilient up your way as well as down here.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Yes, his army’s not the flashiest, not any wizz-bang elements, but he has the troops to deal with what his contemporaries were using.

  2. Dale Hurtt Says:

    Don’t understand your ‘stick’ and ‘bottle’ terminology, so none of it really made sense. :^/

    • Mark Davies Says:

      A ‘stick’ is what we say for an even score that results in neither side losing (unless, of course a SCh is involved). ‘Losing one’s bottle’ is British slang for losing one’s courage.

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