Bedouin Camelry for Seleucids complete

3 April, 2011

Seleucid Bedouin Camelry.

The Bedouin camelry for the Seleucid ‘c’ list is now complete. As I said in the last post, these are Gladiator figures, actually for an Early Achaemenid army. I did not find a manufacturer for the illustration #59 in Duncan Head’s AMPW.

From the other side.

This element allows me to field all the options for that list (though some of the figures are still borrowed from the Later Macedonians).

From behind.

The camelry were not a regular part of the Seleucid army; they were a once-off novelty that failed at Magnesia (more I suspect due to the suspect loyalties of the troops than any problem with the troop type); They were only used about once by the Achaemenid Persians also. However, in DBA they provide an element that makes them a first choice over their alternatives (a 3Cv or a 3Ax). They offer speed and strength against mounted troops, and the speed is particularly valuable, as the army is fairly slow.

The three options for II/19c: Kappadokian or Thracian auxilia (here Illyrians), Bedouin camelry or cavalry (Galatian mercenaries).

The rest of the army has virtually no options: 2x4Kn (1=cmd), 1xEl, 1xSch, 4x4Pk and 2x2Ps. Of these the commander could also be a 3Kn. The only option is for a 4Wb or another 2Ps. The Wb seems slightly more useful.

The compulsory elements for II/19c.

The other options for II/19c.

The army has the greatest set of options of any of the Seleucid armies, particularly of ‘novelty’ troop types. It’s a bit weak on BGo troops, but should scare most opponents in GGo. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy using them, as much for the visual appeal: pikes, the armour on the elephant, cataphracts and scythed chariot, and now some camels!

The Seleucids from II/19c arrayed.

7 Responses to “Bedouin Camelry for Seleucids complete”

  1. Nick Grant Says:

    Great post Mark. I’d forgotten about the camel option. Now, if I can only make an element from the Italeri Medieval Saracen figures that look, well, 1600 years earlier!


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks; as for the Italieri figures, it might be possible; these are actually noticeably Persian in their headwear, but I’m hoping it won’t stand out too much, as the Kappadokians wear something similar.

  2. TWR Says:

    Interesting points regarding camels Mark. They make a colourful addition for this army. I played against Gordon’s Seleucid’s last year but he opted for a different subperiod. The camels are very tempting…

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Well, they rely for their effectiveness on their ability to avoid infantry. They have the speed to make this easier, but I’ve found that in practice it’s not so easy to get the match-ups you want.

      • TWR Says:

        Yes, very true. Joel and I were discussing the advantage the camels woud have on the flank this afternoon. I look forward to seeing them on the table and seeing how they go.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        Well, they got a run last night, which I’ll try to write up soon. Despite being successful, I can see that using the Seleucids will take some practice; the Sch and the Kn general are two elements I’m going to need to experiment with. They’re risky to put in the battle line; if they’re in reserve, then the battle line gets pretty short, and you need to think about how you cope with that.

        The SCh has real potential as a reserve: fast, possibly going to fill a gap where somebody has overlaps. Not a very historical use of them, though!

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