Camel progress

2 April, 2011

Three Wise Men, or something similar! In the background I've made a start on two elements of 3Ax (Freikorp Thracians and CB Kappadokians) and one of 2Ps (Freikorp Asiatic Javelimen).

I’ve got the 3Cm element for the Seleucids nearly finished. It’s painted and just waiting to be based and given a wash. These are Gladiator figures. They’re really for an Early Achaemenid Persian army, but I couldn’t find any 15mm camel troops for the Seleucids and decided these would be close enough. I’ve glued the figures onto the camels with Araldite 2-part epoxy. I’ve not used this much before, but I think I may use it more for gluing figures to their mounts, as it has more strength than superglue and more bulk, so it fills gaps made where there’s not a good contact between the figure and his mount.

6 Responses to “Camel progress”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Those look like good versatile figures. I doubt the riders will be going anywhere if you’ve used two part epoxy!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Very true, and I wasn’t shy about how much I used either! Given that the Seleucids have the troops to deal with foot in GGo, I reckon these will be very handy for adding some mobility into the mounted and scaring any 2LH and 3Cv.

      • Stephen Says:

        And if your littoral or dry terrain opponent deploys any dunes you have BGo mounted troops.

      • Mark Davies Says:

        That would be an act of foolhardy that I wouldn’t rely on an opponent to do (it’s the sort of shooting oneself in the foot that I generally do!).

  2. Jason Says:

    Nice job on the camels. I use 2-part 5 minute epoxy for all my riders, it does do a good job of filling any gaps.

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