Cataphracts, Companions and Agema

26 March, 2011

The Seleucid cavalry is nearly done. I’ve got them painted and based. They’re just waiting for a wash and the flock. As it’s very humid here, I’m planning to wait a while before I do the wash. There are four elements, usable in three combinations. The earlier elements are two 3Kn; the command one is the Companions, more Macedonian in appearance and the other is the agema, apparently recruited from Medes and more eastern in their dress. The other two are two elements of 4Kn cataphracts. One of these is a command one. I’ve gone for similar colours with the earlier elements.

The companions and the agema. Until the wash is applied they look fairly garish.

For the period 279-205BC (II/19b) the two 3Kn are used; for the later periods (II/19c & d) the two 4Kn are used, although the commander can stay a 3Kn for the middle period (II/19c).

The cataphracts. There is no real commander figure for these. I just had to use gold paint and a white horse to mark one out.


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