Seleucid Progress

23 March, 2011

I’ve now undercoated the Seleucid cavalry, and Monday night I painted one of the cataphracts to see how they’d look. I’m reasonably happy. It’s a bit bright, but I prefer it that way. I’ve used a mixture of ‘Scaly Green’ and ‘Shining Silver’ for horn barding. I’ll use this for half of the figures, and ‘Brazen Brass’ for the rest. I could use a steel colour for the armour, as that was what at least some of them used, but I think the ‘Brazen Brass’ will look better.

The completed figure, not yet given a matt finishing coat, along with some figures only undercoated.

Now I’ve done my test figure, I’m hoping the rest will go quickly. I’ve partially updated their Army Page too,


4 Responses to “Seleucid Progress”

  1. Jonathan Rogers Says:

    Hi, stunning work, i’m interested in starting a seleucid force of my own in 15mm, again like yourself looking at the Freikorps Cavalry with Xyston infantry. Can i ask what type of wash you used, it come across really well in the photo’s and i’m experimenting in this style. Is it Army painter?, or the Black hat Superwash?, if so what colour, blackor dark brown?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this, superb figures

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Hi Jonathon,

      Thanks. I use a mix of two inks (Magic Color Quasar Black and Earth Brown) in a Klear base. I talk about it a bit here. I find I have to keep adding Klear as I go, as it seems to get darker (the Klear goes faster than the ink, I guess).

      The black-brown colour is an idea I got from Bob in Edmonton.

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