Seleucids and Patrician Romans

21 March, 2011

Last Sunday I got over to John’s for the first time in a while and got in a couple of games of DBA. I decided to field a Seleucid army, using a pair of Polybian Roman cavalry for the 3Kn (they have quite long spears). As I’d not sorted out my boxes carefully enough after IWC, I found some of the elements weren’t where I thought. Therefore I fielded 2x3Kn (1=cmd), 1xEl, 1xSCh, 4x4Pk, 1x4Ax, 3x2Ps. The psiloi were able to hold their own against the Roman LH, and generally stayed out of the way of the 3Kn.

This was a vaguely historical match-up, allowing for a little temporal discontinuity! The Patsies were Eastern Romans who were on the offence both times, and had strayed back a few centuries, meeting Seleucids instead of Persians.

I laid out similar terrain in both games, a central small low hill and two small patches of BGo in opposing corners.

In the first game I doubled a LH with a Ps in a one on one combat first up, but didn’t have the PIPs to gain any advantage on that flank. On the other flank my SCh disappeared to a Kn, but a Ps held out at bad odds for a couple of turns against a LH, before the knight saw it off. Things were looking grim on that flank, but luck smiled on me and I attacked in the centre. Needing to push back his psiloi-supported blade with my elephant to set up an attack by 3Kn on his psiloi-supported Ax, I did better and 6-1 him, making it 3-1 to me. The 3Kn took out the Ax, who were now double overlapped giving me a 5-1 victory (not including the SCh). However, a turn more and his knights would have been into the rear of a block of pike.

The second game saw John advance his LH on one flank. In my first move I was able to attack the flank of them with my SCh. It got one recoiled into the other. It then pursued into the other and got it in the next turn. As my ambition for the day was to see the SCh in action I was very happy! John then advanced his 3Kn towards this flank, supported by auxilia. I had a 4Ax and a 2Ps over there and rather than go for the rest of his army on the low hill, I decided to send my elephant and a knight to help. The elephant failed to contact the knights, but met auxilia instead and was killed. The SCh rolled evens against a 3Kn and was gone too. The knight got a Ps, however, and it was 3-1 to me. I spent a while trying to get a lone 4Ax, who was flanked, but resisted for two turns. John was menacing my light foot with his knights, but rolled a 1 PIP when he could really have made trouble. I got 6 PIPs the next turn and was able to take out his Wb with my knight commander, and a blade with the other knight (I think). Anyway, it was another victory to me, owing largely to the splendid scythed chariot.

I enjoyed using the Seleucids and am keen to get the proper 3Kn and 4Kn elements for them done. I’ve finally got them undercoated. The 3Cm would be next.


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