Seleucid Cavalry

20 March, 2011

I’m making slow progress on a few elements of Seleucid cavalry. These are Freikorp figures and rather nice, but with some nasty flash in places. I’ve finally got them cleaned up and ready to undercoat. They had some crud between their spear arm and their body, evidence of worn moulds. It took me a while to clean this off and drill out their hands. I had about a 50% success rate with the hands and after gluing on the xysta I decided to repair the hands somewhat with green stuff. This is a first for me, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

The elements are two of 3Kn, one being a command. This consists of Attalos of Pergamum from HG26 and two Seleucid Companion Cavalrymen (HG22). I decided on a standard from the Carthaginian command set (CA11), as I’d got a few spare as part of my order. There seemed to be something similar shown in Duncan Head’s book Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars. I used the same for the other command element to create a bit of continuity in the army. The second 3Kn are Seleucid Agema cavalry (HG23) and have slightly different barding (more eastern) from HG22 and are wearing pants.

The two 3Kn figures. Attalos is in the middle and the Agema are on the right.

The other figures are cataphracts (HG24) for two 4Kn. One will be a command, but whether I try to put a cloak on the commander or not is undecided. They currently only have a standard to distinguish the command element from the other one.

The cataphract figures.

These figures, when painted, will allow me to field a Seleucid army; I have the elephant and scythed chariot already, and the rest of the foot will be generic Hellenistic ones at this stage. That aside, apart from the 3Cm and the 4Bd, I’ll have all the options for the armies of II/19b-d, the ultimate kitchen sink armies!


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