Pre-feudal Scots rebased

13 March, 2011

I’ve updated the army page for the Pre-feudal Scots. They had been rebased a while back, but I’d not got around to doing the finishing flocking. They were needed as a stand-in army for Greg at the IWC, which was the spur to do the flocking. They look much improved I feel.

The new look Pre-feudal Scots.

The old-look army.

I’d like to redo the rest of my Early Medieval armies, but I can’t see it happening at the moment. I really need to finish the Normans/Anglo-Normans to make it worthwhile, and I just don’t have the time. The only project I might get done is painting a couple of Seleucid knight elements to allow me to field that army (with generic Hellenistic pikes and light foot).

8 Responses to “Pre-feudal Scots rebased”

  1. Little Odo Says:

    Good work there Mark. They look really good in their new get-up. I also like the cow-shed base; it certainly adds some character to the army. I would love to see your Normans/Anglo-Normans given the same treatment – if you get the time.
    Regards, Little Odo

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. The Anglo-Normans are half done. I’ve got the dismounted knights and some of the Knights done, but have the archers and spear yet to be started.

      Waiting to be rebased are the Welsh, Irish and Isle and Highlanders.

  2. TWR Says:

    A very fine looking rabble they are to Mark!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks; they’ve now been to a couple of competitions, as besides IWC, they went to Conquest in 2009 as Late Picts (no Wb, one more LH and one more Ps)!

  3. Ray Says:

    They look a whole lot better, it’s amazing what good basing does to figures!!

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks; I decided on the new basing scheme partly for the better look, but also because the old one was actually more time-consuming!

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