Carthos get a run

10 February, 2011

Last night was the first time I got to do any DBA this year! I got over to John’s and had a battle against his very attractive Khurasan Patrician Romans. I could have gone with either the Carthaginians or the Komnenans, as both need the practice, but I opted for the Carthaginians, as I figured I still had little idea how to use them; they still seem to be three or four groups of elements that have trouble working together.

I was the attacker, no surprises there, and John put down two woods and a steep hill. I didn’t get the edge I wanted and had to attack from between two woods. I opted to leave one empty and trust that my mounted could defend against anything that tried to come through it. The other wood had my warbands and auxilia and psiloi in it. John used his two swaps to move two auxilia to face my elephant and warband, and two blade to face my cavalry.

The batttlelines advanced rapidly, but with few PIPs our light horse ended up hanging back. John attacked first and lost a Knight, doubled by spear, but I lost my elephant to his auxilia. Elsewhere, I was lucky not to have my general doubled (one short—something that happened regularly!).

I was lucky to be able to get back into things with 5 PIPs (I’d been recoiled all along the line). I thought I had a good chance to sort out his auxilia with my spear facing one at 4-2, which if I got the recoil would make a warband face the other auxilia at 3-2; the spear were recoiled (something of a pattern for the game were opening attacks would falter like this). I lost that warband, who found himself 4-1, but my general rolled 4-1 onto some overlapped blade and made things even.

For a while things see-sawed, and I think I was lucky to hang in, but eventually a big attack on my spear came to nothing (they proved very resilient, and that opening attack again was recoiled). I was able to get both the Romans’ auxilia and the other blade to take the game 5-3. In fairness, I think I was lucky to win, but I wouldn’t call it a jammy win. Lots of fun (good to catch up after quite a while) and a sense it could go either way from the start.

In other news, the Gauls continue to be lucky in Punic Peril, and I’ve now signed up as the Welsh in a similar campaign, England on her Knees. It should be a lot of fun.

4 Responses to “Carthos get a run”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Nice to see you back. Armies like the Cartho’s and Patricians, where there’s a lot of element types, make for a really interesting game, emphasising luck and generalship.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Yes, they take longer to get the hang of how to make all the elements work together. I’m slowly getting the hang of the Carthos; I got a game with the Komnenans last Wednesday, and that might be my preparation for the competition!

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