Later Macedonians ready to go

21 December, 2010

All the options for the Later Macedonians.

The Later Macedonians (II/35) have been done for a week now, but I’ve not got a chance to photograph them. The last elements that were being waited upon were four more elements of pike, a 4Ax (Thorakitai), a 4Wb (Galatians) and a 3Ax (Illyrians).

Philip V addresses his phalangites.

The pike were done as leukaspides (white shields) and chalkaspides (bronze shields); for these I mixed in the Freikorp argyraspides codes (HG01 and HG02), as they are really differ only in having plumes.

The phalanx, chalkaspides, leukaspides and 'cyanaspides'.

From the side.

From the other side.

The Thorakites look quite striking all in white, and contrast with the more motley Thureophoroi. The Illyrians don’t mix so well, having huge spearheads, but won’t be used that much, as the Galatians have more utility.

Thorakites and Illyrians.

Another angle.

The Galatians, still with their kit off after 100 year in the Mediterranean and with obligatory severed head, are quite special for me, as I bought this set back in the 80’s when it first came out. I got them on a whim, as I was actually building a Welsh army at the time. I never painted them as I didn’t know about washes then, and they would have looked pretty hideous all in one flesh tone. I eventually sold them, so these aren’t the same figures, but it’s quite neat to finally get to paint them some 25 years on!

Galatian warband, ready to go toe-to-toe with the Greeks in a display of nudity!

From behind.

I’m now waiting for the QRF January sale before I can finish the Seleucids or the Syracusans, but if I get a bit of time I have 12 Gallic warband figures to finish (they’re around half done) and I could work on the Campanians, but I don’t know how much painting time I’ll get while the kids are on holiday.

4 Responses to “Later Macedonians ready to go”

  1. Twr Says:

    Another excellent army Mark. They are rolling off the production line!

  2. Twr Says:

    Not only that look at how many games you’ve had!

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