Elephant comparisons

21 December, 2010

Now that I’ve got the Freikorp Seleucid elephant done, I thought I should offer a size comparison of it with the CB Carthaginian one and an OG15 one. Before seeing the Freikorp elephant I thought it was the CB elephant that had the problem, now I see that it is the OG15 one that is substantially smaller. In actual fact, the Freikorp one is a little bigger, as it should be, than the CB one. It also has smaller ears, which again is appropriate in distinction to the African one.

Freikorp, CB and OG15 elephants from the side. I really should have got the camera lower before taking this!

Front on.

The OG15 elephant is problematic; it was offered as part of an army pack by Mike Sanderson: the army of the early successor, Demetrius (II/15b). It’s quite inappropriate, as anachronistically it is both armoured and has a turret; still, compared to the rubbish 3Kn command, I should be happy! A Macedonian companion leader, appropriately enough, leads a Bactrian Greek and a Seleucid cataphract! They have value, I suppose, as samples! But it explains why a year on none of those armies are actually finished!

4 Responses to “Elephant comparisons”

  1. Prufrock Says:

    Interesting comparisons, Mark. All of my own elephants are Chariot models, which I’m pretty happy with. But I do like the look of the Freikorp one here and while I don’t generally like the CB elephants this one is surprisingly good. It must be the quality of the paint job 😉


    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Aaron. I’ve not looked at Chariot for elephants. The CB one was a pig to put together. I was delighted with how easily the Freikorp one went together and how good it looked. I’m definitely planning to get more Freikorp elephants.

  2. Twr Says:

    I have a couple of CB elephants, but without howdahs. They went together really well.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      It was the ears I had trouble with. They were also the first models of that sort I’d had to assemble, so there was a beginner’s element to it!

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