A year’s worth of painting

21 December, 2010

Looking back over a year of painting, I can be pretty pleased. I bought more figures than I painted, but I got seven armies painted, and these can morph into others, and I got three more started. My plan to get all the major armies for the period of the Second Punic War is close to being achieved. I have the Gauls, the Carthaginians, the Spanish, the Romans and the Later Macedonians done. I got a Goblin army completed (admittedly largely out of figures painted last year, but it did involve rebasing) and a Komnenan Byzantine one. Under way are the Campanians, the Syracusans and the Seleucids. Also unfinished is the rebasing of the early feudal armies (and the fantasy ones), but I can come back to them once the Classical armies are done.

I’ve got a couple of charts that show the proportions of painted to purchased since I started. They’re slightly suspect, like most statistics, as I made some changes to make them look better. I now count mounted as two figures, and elephants and chariots as anything between four and six figures. I also have removed figures that I don’t plan to paint (I sold two unpainted armies this year, which helped), so the blue columns largely represent figures I hope to paint one day!

The yearly deficit of figures purchased to those painted!

Broken down by months.

8 Responses to “A year’s worth of painting”

  1. TWR Says:

    My goodness you purchased 350 figures around September. That should mean even more DBA armies hiting the table soon.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      If only it was that easy! I got quite a lot of Gladiator figures from Black Hat, as if I put in a big enough order it was discounted. I may look to sell some of it unpainted.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Yes the ‘buy more – save more’ offers can be very tantalising. It hurts to know you’re not getting a discount if you don’t buy enough.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Lots of Goblins from MM can attest to that! Still, I was fairly restrained on the visit to Europe–that was the only order!

  3. Denis Grey Says:


    Seven armies is an impressive output, but it is brave of you to sit down and compare purchased to painted like this.

    My New Year’s resolution not to buy any more figures and just paint the ones I already had lasted until July when I bought the figures I needed for an Andalusian army (for the PAWS 3 competition in September) and a Warband generalled army (for another competition next February).

    Both are now painted, and I have also managed a second Polybian Roman army in 6mm. (BBDBA with really small figures at some stage.) So as things stand, I have succeeded in my aim of making inroads into the unpainted mountain (more like a small hill compared to yours).

    But who knows what the position will be this time tomorrow once Santa has been?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Yes, it’s not really succeeded in getting me to buy less, if that was its aim! I need to get a few more figures to finish some armies. Then I get a few more to round out the order and so it goes. I’m keen to look at 6mm Ancients, but I would like to complete a few of the armies I’ve started, or bought, first!

  4. Little Odo Says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am more of a 28mm skirmish gamer at the moment, and aim to get into 28mm HotT a little later. I have a mountain of lead from the 70s and 80s which I am slowly working my way through. If I had your numbers in my ‘to piant’ pile I’d have a coronary as I paint so slowly. More power to your painting arm though as you seem to manage these challenges with ease. I am thinking of getting into 15mm gaming though as your write ups of battles really do get the creative juices flowing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Little Odo

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, Little Odo. Last year was a year with more free time than this one’s shaping up to have. However, if I can get 30 minutes painting a few days a week I can still get some stuff done, though that lead piles not likely to get any smaller any time soon, unless I pack some of it up for unpainted DBA armies and sell it, which may be a plan (may have to wait for DBA 3.0 to come out first).

      I’ve tried hard to stay with only one scale and one period and ruleset (allowing for it to branch out into fantasy and perhaps a bit of skirmishing). This is to try and keep some sort of focus. Even with that I’ve still got far more armies than I ever imagined I would! And, sigh, more yet to be painted!

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