Seleucids: the ultimate gimmicky army

6 December, 2010

I’ve not got to the blog in a while. I’ve actually finished a few elements. None make a complete army, but they are test elements for a mumber of Hellenistic armies. A month or so back I bought some figures for these armies from QRF, who offer the Freikorp range, and Black Hat, who have the Gladiator range. On the balance, I prefer the Freikorp figures, though some of the Gladiator ones are quite nice.

In particular, I’m pretty impressed with the scythed chariot and elephant that Freikorp do. These are the centrepiece of any Seleucid army (though in theory it’s possible to field a very late army with neither, that’s scarcly proper!). The Freikorp elephant was a doddle to fit together. It was two halves, a head and a tower. With a bit of green stuff to fill the gaps and for the tower to sit on, it was assembled. It painted up very nicely too, and I like the amination of the figure. I chose to place it on the base sideways, to lessen the overhang (keeping the hands inside the bus, as John says).

The Seleucid elephant front on.

The crew fitted in the tower without too much fuss, which is always a challenge, when they’re waving pikes and the like around.

Some figures for scale, Freikorp Tarantine horse and Gladiator Greek javelimen.

From the side.

The scythed chariot also was easy to assemble, though it overhangs the base a little. I guess you expect that with scythes, but it’s also a little deep. Also the prongs at the front aren’t long enough to go beyond the horses and look properly menacing.

The scythed chariot from the front.

I’m really keen to see how this performs. It’s an element I’ve yet to use.

From the side.

The rest of this army can be seen at its Army Page. I’ve got the pike, the Galatians and the camels for this army, and some of the light stuff, but I need to get the cataphract and agema cavalry, which are waiting on an order.


2 Responses to “Seleucids: the ultimate gimmicky army”

  1. TWR Says:

    The elephants look excellent Mark. I have seen some very well painted Freikorps figures but the elephant takes first place in my books. Seleucids for the Worlds perhaps?

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, I’m really pleased with it too. It’s got real personality.

      Seleucids for the Worlds is tempting. I’d have to hope the opponents would be as baffled as I would at the variety of odd troops in one army. Still, if I can get them painted in time, I’ll think about it!

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