Later Macedonians on the way

6 December, 2010

The next army I hope to have finished is the Later Macedonians. I’ve now got half of it painted, and I’m happy with the pike elements, so the rest should be straight forward. These are Freikorp figures and paint up well.

The first half of the Later Macedonians are done.

The seven cavalry figures I painted were an experiment before committing to another order of Freikorp figures. I’m happy with how they were to paint. The command figures were moulded all in one, while the light horse have separate riders. I took the possibly ill-advised decision to chop off the ‘grass’ that supported the front legs. I may find the back legs breaking if I’m not careful.

The mounted elements: Philip V surrounded by two elements of Tarantine cavalry, one will be in the Syracusan army.

Another angle.

And another.

The pikes took a little longer. I started one element with them at a 45° angle, which looked great, but was going to hit other figures too much, and with sharp Xyston points I didn’t think that was polite. Therefore I did another element with the spear vertical in the right hand. It’s not as good, but the shield with the hand ready to take the spear doesn’t look too silly. Having done this, I see Bob in Edmonton has managed to put very nice spearheads on broom bristles, which would have been an option.

The blue shield phalanx from the front. The third from the left has a bit of a lean on!

I used a pin vice to drill the place for the pike. This made a very snug slot the first time, but then needed to be filled in when I changed my mind. I found the point of a Xyston spear, along with a thimble, was the best way to start the vice, poking it into the base. Once I had a hole in the base I then used the side of the drill to cut into the side of the figure until it was snug with the hand.

From the side; the front rank show evidence of the repair when the pike was repositioned.

The rear rank have less armour and will be a good figure for dross pike elements. These figures were HG03 and HG04. For the next four elements I’ll mix in some HG01 and HG02, which only differ in the front rank in having a crest on the helmet; the back rank is armoured, but has no greaves.

From the other side.

Most of the variation in these figures is provided by head position. This makes for some interesting elements, with very few of the figures looking where they’re going!

6 Responses to “Later Macedonians on the way”

  1. Twr Says:

    Goodness you have been busy! Some great looking figures here Mark. I look forward to seeing them on the wargames table at some stage.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks, I’m hoping the next lot won’t take as long. They’re a challenge to use, I reckon, but don’t seem inherently useless.

  2. Stephen Says:

    These are all looking great. Do you find it easier to paint armies a wee bit at a time? It can be a bit daunting embarking on even the meagre 12 elements in a DBA army and I can see this as a good way of tricking oneself into painting three armies.

    • Mark Davies Says:

      Thanks. My method varies. I like to do a few test elements to see how an army will look. If that goes well, I can often do the rest in one block, keen to get it on the table.

  3. david baker Says:

    hi mark
    your later macedonian army is really wonderful
    what figures from freikorp did you use for your
    phillip and your tarantine cavalry as i will be doing a later macedonian army to fight against
    my spartans.
    dave baker

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